Top 3 Asian date ideas

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Top 3 Asian date ideas

Here you'll find 3 Asian date ideas from that can help you spice up your perfect date.

1. Dinner date out.

Dating can be very stressful, so start researching for your first date early. Choose a good Asian restaurant. No matter near or far, inexpensive or pricey, choose the one that is best suitable for your date. Follow friends advice or check online recommendations to be sure.

2. Dinner date at home.

Cook your own Asian meal to impress your date. Go for a vegetarian option to be on a safe side. Browse the web for a perfect recipe like this delicious Shahi Paneer Curry from Foodviva There are plenty recipes to choose from, or use one of your family secret ones to blow their socks off.

3. Watch a Bollywood movie together.

Bollywood movies are very romantic. Be brave and dance to the outstanding dance routines. Sing along too.


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